Our Capabilities

ENTARCO provides full life-cycle education, training, and consulting services which include:

  1. Enterprise architecture planning and development,
  2. Enterprise engineering (enterprise data and business process analysis and design); and
  3. Enterprise manufacturing (information systems applications and database development).

All of our services are based on our mature Methodology for Enterprise Architecture (MEA).  This methodology is based on the Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture.  Our MEA has evolved over the last 30 years and has matured as a model-based information systems development methodology that enables us to achieve unprecedented:

  1. Enterprise alignment, integration, flexibility, and responsiveness,
  2. Reduction of development and maintenance costs which have been demonstrated to one-fifth (1/5th)  the cost of traditional development approaches or one-third (1/3rd) the cost of acquiring and implementing purchased packages, and
  3. Enterprise Data Management (EDM) and Enterprise Business Process Management (EBPM) which results in unparalleled quality through the elimination of redundancy and very extensive reuse of data and application logic.

Due to our extensive Enterprise Architecture, applications, and database development experience, we have developed a few extensive data models that we can make available to our clients.  These models have demonstrated their applicability and transferability to various enterprises.  These models make a significant contribution to reducing the cost and lead time for developing new, very high quality enterprise databases and applications.

Our experience has also enabled us to provide a very state-of-the-art data management capability in the form of an Enterprise Database (EDB).  Our innovative Enterprise Database has the capability to replace application-specific databases, minimize and even eliminate data interfaces among application databases and reduce or eliminate future data conversions, reduce the need for a Data Warehouse or significantly reduce the cost and effort to develop and maintain a Data Warehouse.

Another major MEA innovation is our approach to developing our concept of Data Services whereby the application logic to interact with the databases is designed and developed to maximize the reuse of the data and the application logic.

Our MEA incorporates and advances the practical use of such concepts as object-oriented design and development, SOA, Agile development, component based development, and achieves dramatic reuse of data and application logic.

Our MEA can be used with many different development environments but some of the significant cost savings are larger with use of the CA Gen toolset.  ENTARCO is highly experienced at deploying and using the CA Gen toolset as a complement to our MEA.  We have a staff of people who have achieved industry leading skills resulting from their 15 to 20 years of experience using the Gen toolset.

ENTARCO’s preferred approach to working with our clients is to develop their people’s skills and capabilities in order to achieve a high quality, low cost IT capability; as well as expediting the delivery of new business capability and functionality.