The Solution for the Persistent, Pervasive IS Issues

ENTARCO’s focus, for 25 years has been on identifying, analyzing, and improving the processes necessary to identify and design business processes; and transition those processes into functioning enterprise applications and databases and solve the persistent, pervasive information systems issues.  The result of this effort we call our Methodology for Enterprise Architecture (MEA).

Along the way, several innovations have occurred.  One of the most significant innovations was adopting the Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture as the foundation for the MEA.  Our close association with John Zachman led us to examine and re-examine many of the long-held premises and assumptions about developing information systems.  Accordingly, the MEA is designed to produce the enterprise artifacts as specified in the Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture and coherently transforming those artifacts into highly aligned, integrated, flexible, and responsive enterprise applications and databases.

The results of these efforts and innovations is this graphic which reflects the fundamental change in the approach to identifying, defining, designing, and building information systems i.e. the business applications and databases.

The use of our methodology for enterprise architecture has now demonstrated that we can develop new, custom, very high quality enterprise applications and databases at up to one-fifth (1/5th) the cost of traditional development approaches and up to one-third (1/3rd) the cost of acquiring and implementing purchased packages.

Our MEA and supporting services will enable you to:

  1. engineer your enterprise business process so they are aligned, integrated, stable, yet flexible,
  2. develop new highly aligned, integrated, flexible, and responsive enterprise applications and databases at 1/5th the cost of conventional development approaches, and up to 1/3rd the cost of buying and implementing a purchased package,
  3. achieve unparalleled enterprise data quality, availability and accessibility,
  4. embark on a path that can significantly reduce, even eliminate, data conversions and data interfaces;
  5. significantly simplify and reduce the effort and cost of developing and sustaining Data Warehouses, Data Marts, SOA and other approaches to salvaging legacy data,
  6. dramatically reduce applications maintenance,
  7. simplify your IS platforms and reduce the time and effort to re-platform your applications
  8. simplify and standardize your applications and database development environment,
  9. re-skill your data and applications staff to perform well beyond their current capabilities.

These challenging economic times are often the times when people and enterprises are more willing to seek and consider break-through opportunities, innovations, and strategies.  Small, incremental improvements are not adequate in these times.  Break-through innovations are needed in order to break out of the legacy of the past.

Whether you are considering acquiring new information systems (building or buying) or considering modernizing or overhauling the existing application portfolio (Gartner Group says Application Overhaul is “the critical IT strategy for the next 10 years”), you need to seriously consider using ENTARCO’S MEA and supporting services.

If you are an executive in charge of leading an enterprise in these times, perhaps you would be interested in discussing our break-through innovations in how to dramatically improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your enterprise by:

  1. significantly improving the business processes and the systems deployed to support those business processes,
  2. significantly improving the quality and availability of your enterprise’s data that is collected and available to provide the knowledge and insight into the operations of your enterprise and to help guide you into the future,
  3. dramatically improving the alignment and integration of your business processes and data, and
  4. significantly reducing the cost and time to design and implement change in your enterprise.

We, at ENTARCO, can demonstrate how you can achieve these break-through innovations.  We have demonstrated how to develop new, custom, highly aligned and integrated applications at one-fifth (1/5th) the cost of conventional information systems development approaches and up to one-third (1/3rd) the cost of purchased package acquisition and implementation.  We are approaching the point where it is more cost effective to replace existing legacy systems than it is to perpetuate their existence.

If you would like to know more about how to achieve these results, you should contact ENTARCO USA Inc. and find out how you could achieve these industry leading information systems results.