Temporal Data Modeling

ENTARCO Techniques for Modeling Temporal Data (© 2011, ENTARCO USA Inc.) This document describes the techniques for modeling data so that the requirements for keeping track of facts of interest over time (past, present, and future) can be correctly represented and are useful for designing implementations of these requirements. This technique for modeling temporal data [...]

Enterprise Management Services “How much does Enterprise Management Services cost and long does it take to implement?” My response to this question is, “How much has it cost and how long has it taken to implement Information Technology (IT), or Information Systems (IS), or before that, Data Processing (DP)?”  The answer to this question is, [...]

Enterprise Management Services: An Introduction The labels we assign to things have a lot to do with how we perceive them. In the early days of IT we often called the function and/or department that designed and built automated information systems ‘Data Processing’.  Over the ensuing decades, the label has generally evolved from Data Processing, [...]

Why Build, Why Buy?  The Proverbial IT Conundrum  Introduction Over the past 50 years or so, IT (a.k.a. Data Processing and Information Systems) has been spending hundreds of billions of dollars each year.  After all of this time and money, IT still seems to be stuck in a rut that continues to perpetuate the problems [...]

  Enterprise Architecture: What Is It?  1.0     Introduction Much discussion and debate goes on about “What is Enterprise Architecture”?  This discussion is very diverse in scope and content.  As evidenced by this discussion, Enterprise Architecture has not achieved a universal, standard, generally recognized definition. What follows is not an exhaustive answer to the question of [...]