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Exceptional Enterprise Management Services

ENTARCO USA is the leader in the IT transformation to Enterprise Management Services through our innovative, comprehensive education, training, and enterprise architecture planning, engineering and manufacturing (development) services based on our Methodology for Enterprise Architecture (MEA).  This methodology is structured on the Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture (ZFEA) which guides our model-based development that enables us to achieve unprecedented data and process reuse.  This highly managed reuse enables us to achieve unprecedented data quality, process consistency, and reduction in development costs and time.  The MEA applies the fundamental concepts and principles of ‘Information Engineering’, and improvements based on our many years of enterprise architecture and information systems engineering and development experience.  The MEA offers our clients a proven means to effectively and efficiently implement enterprise process and data requirements, upon which architecturally consistent, compatible, integrated, and non-redundant applications and databases can be designed, developed and managed very cost effectively.  ENTARCO is also considered one of the world’s most capable and experienced providers of services using Computer Associates’ Gen — a very powerful, model-based application development toolset.

Highly competent, skilled and experienced facilitators provide ENTARCO’s services.  Moreover, we strongly emphasize the development of our customers’ people so that they become capable of promoting, nurturing and continuing the program without relying on recurring support from expensive, external consulting resources.  This means that we not only teach our clients the techniques and mechanics of EA and our MEA, but also the fundamental concepts and principles that will allow them to be self-confident and self-sufficient so they can consistently repeat their success on future information systems development efforts.  Our services are primarily focused on new EA initiatives followed by integrated applications and database developments in mainframe, client-server and web environments.

Our skills and experience position us as the leading provider of a proven methodology and associated consulting services for:

  1. Implementing EA in accordance with the Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture; and
  2. Planning, designing, engineering, manufacturing and implementing the fundamental underpinnings of your enterprise’s business management infrastructure.  The net outcome of applying our Methodology for Enterprise Architecture (MEA) is highly integrated, non-redundant and very cost effective enterprise applications and enterprise databases.



The Information Strategy Plan (ISP) is our MEA-related component for developing the Row 1 models of the Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture.  A primary deliverable from this important activity is a focused, effective and implementable information management plan.  The objective of the planning endeavor is to develop goals, objectives, strategies and a plan that: brings order, discipline and predictability to the application of information technology; serves the business requirements of the enterprise; and minimizes costs.



A major challenge for any enterprise is to sustain, and more importantly, continuously improve its business model in the face of increasingly turbulent and competitive economic, political and market environments.  This never-ending challenge presents a dilemma to management, but also a unique opportunity when viewed through the lens of information systems development.  Such development efforts usually represent a significant investment of enterprise resources.  Moreover, if not optimized, such activities not only limit the return-on-investment, but more importantly, they result in information systems that are fragmented, redundant, inconsistent and thereby contribute to the dis-integration of the enterprise.  To achieve enterprise integration one must achieve information systems integration.  In other words, dis-integrated information systems are a subtle, but very real, obstacle to integrated enterprise management.

ENTARCO USA has acquired extensive, hands-on experience and focused expertise that we have translated into a comprehensive program to help enterprises optimize their business processes before making costly information systems investments.  Our service is offered as a means to identify one-time improvements; however, it is also designed to introduce and institutionalize a culture of CONTINUOUS PROCESS IMPROVEMENT driven by cycle-time, quality and cost improvement.


In today’s fast-forward world, management teams are constantly challenged by ever-increasing demands to make decisions regarding the effective use of information technology within their enterprises.  The issues of determining what technology to use, when to use it, how to use it, where to use it, who should use it, who should manage it, and how should it be managed, are often difficult to assess given the growth and diversity of management options and technical advice governing these important issues. ENTARCO USA’s Executive Information Management Briefings provide insight into how to deal with these and related issues.  Mr. Douglas T. Erickson and John Zachman present, assess, and draw valuable insights and conclusions about critical information management issues facing today’s enterprises.