Our Customers


  • American Airlines
  • Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • Elizabethtown Gas Company
  • General American Transportation Co.
  • Health Canada
  • Intervista
  • Kellogg’s
  • Maersk Data
  • Pacific Power & Light Company
  • New York Life Insurance Company
  • Province of British Columbia
  • Texas Instruments
  • Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation
  • Ohio Dept. of Administrative Services
  • U. S. Army
  • WEA Trust

It is my opinion that the methodology and the tools used on this project to define and understand explicitly (to the excruciating level of detail) our business processes and data needs; and then to develop a system that meets those needs, has set a very high standard. Based on our experience this combination of methodology, tools, and skills should be the “platinum standard” employed on all future projects since it produces an exceptional level of quality and efficiency.

  • William Darlage, Director, Actuarial Department, Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (Retired) referring to the results achieved using the ENTARCO Methodology for Enterprise Architecture.